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Petrovskii Conference
(24-th meeting)
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Differential Equations and Related Topics
Moscow Lomonosov State University is organizing International Conference "Differential Equations and Related Topics" dedicated to outstanding mathematician I.G.Petrovskii. The conference will be held in Moscow since Dec 26 till Dec 30, 2021 in hybrid format (both online and in person) and will include the following sections:
Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications (I.V.Astashova, I.N.Sergeev)
Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics (G.A.Chechkin, A.A.Kon'kov, E.V.Radkevich)
Dynamical Systems, Singularity Theory and Geometry (A.A.Davydov, D.V.Millionshchikov, I.D.Shkredov)
Spectral Theory and Functional Spaces (A.A.Shkalikov)
Asymptotic Methods and Homogenization ( A.S.Shamaev, T.A.Shaposhnikova)
Section dedicated to E.M.Landis (Yu.S.Ilyashenko, N.S.Nadirashvili)
Section dedicated to M.I.Vishik (A.V.Fursikov, A.Yu.Goritski, A.L.Piatnitski)

Program Committee
V.A.Sadovnichii (Co-Chairman), V.V.Kozlov (Co-Chairman), I.V.Astashova (Vice-Chairman), A.A.Shkalikov (Vice-Chairman), A.V.Borovskikh, G.A.Chechkin, A.A.Davydov, A.V.Filinovsky, Yu.S.Ilyashenko, W.Jäger, I.T.Kiguradze, A.A.Kon'kov, N.S.Nadirashvili, S.P.Novikov, A.L.Piatnitski, E.V.Radkevich, O.S.Rozanova, I.N.Sergeev, A.S.Shamaev, T.A.Shaposhnikova, Ya.G.Sinai, D.V.Treschev.

Organizing Committee
A.I.Shafarevich (Co-Chairman), V.N.Chubarikov (Co-Chairman), A.A.Shkalikov (Co-Chairman), I.V.Astashova (Vice-Chairman), G.A.Chechkin (Vice-Chairman), A.V.Borovskikh, V.V.Bykov, N.V.Denisova, I.V.Filimonova, A.V.Filinovsky, A.Yu.Goritskii, T.O.Kapustina, E.S.Karulina, A.A.Kon'kov, E.V.Korobko, D.V.Millionshchikov, V.V.Palin, O.S.Rozanova, V.V.Rogachev, M.S.Romanov, A.M.Savchuk, I.A.Sheipak, A.Yu.Vetokhin, A.A.Vladimirov.

The Conference is Over
338 participants from 26 countries, 240 reports in 7 sections

Conference Format
Greetings from the Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Regular sectional 20 minutes talks will be scheduled for most of participants.
Conference languages: English and Russian.

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